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Chief Executive Officer
She has 14 years experience in Managing Events / Talents.

                    TALENTS REP AFRICA Managements

2005 To 2019.




Dear Productions,


               I represent Talents Rep Africa, an entertainment firm that scouts, trains, harness and places potential  creative talents, actors, models , musicians, promoters, aspiring presenters, dancers and script writers for television commercials, film production, still shoots, music video shoots, documentary films,  event promotions, music recordings, back-up dancing/vocals, reality shows and several entertainment programs across South Africa. We provide models for multifarious urgent shoots, pictures/ street castings briefs for auditions from production firms and allied organizations alike, for radio jingles, television programs, catalogues and publicity hype across multimedia platforms.


            I am writing you as regards to working with you in providing talented actors, dancers, models for your casting briefs, as we have been providing this service since 2005 and have provided over a thousand quality acts, models / creative talents for our clients through the years. We are willing to collaborate or partner with your company at any given time in scouting and sourcing for whatever age, cast, height, body figures, stunts, skilled talents, race and nationality that will be suitable for your productions. We have a number of field scouts to assist in that aspect as well, focusing on quality not quantity.


             Our database of talents covers all age, color, disposition, nationality and race that will readily be made available for your creative purposes. We are disposed to sitting down with you in the coming days to discuss how our firm can be of efficient service to your organization.

We are capable of suppling  upto 5000 film extras / casts in numbers.

 You may visit our website to further access details about us.        








We look forward to your response as soon as possible for a beneficial business relationship.

Please note we will be delivering to you, appreciative/introductory gift item shortly as our tradition demands as an approach to a fruitful business relationship with you.


Yours Sincerely,


Rosch Bey Rosyka

Talents (cast/extras) Coordinator.

Talents Rep Africa.

(T.R.A Actors, Character and Models placement Agency).

+27820822730 , +27780176661 , + 27847847118.

Email:-- castings@talentsrepafrica.com